Nimbin Showtime's Acoming
by Len Martin

Yes, next month will see the 93rd Anniversary Nimbin Show at the Nimbin showground. Only a few years to the Centenary! And all still organised by The Nimbin Agricultural and Industrial Society (A&I). Aren't we fortunate. So many other rural communities have long since lost their Agricultural Shows. One reason we haven't is because of the continuing efforts of a small group of locals committed to keep the show going. Our showground is a major community asset and the A&I is keen to encourage the Community to use it - not just a couple of days each year for the Show weekend - but throughout the year.

To that end, the A&I has, in recent years, opened up the showground for camping over Nimbin Mardis Grass weekend and has hosted one local Aboriginal Dreaming Festival. The A&I team works continuously to improve facilities. The showground now hosts the newly-built Nimbin Preschool behind the Show Pavilion and for several years the Nimbin Physical Activities Centre (NPAC) has been housed in the Pavilion. The A&I has been hugely supportive of NPAC and has put much of its own funds and considerable labour into improving conditions for NPAC - to encourage its wider use, particularly by elderly and disabled members of the Nimbin Community.

These particular efforts have been much helped by three major grants, each close to $30,000. The first in 2009 enabled the A&I with much physical help from NPAC instructors and clients to complete major internal refurbishment of the Pavilion, with construction of an annex to accommodate hi-tech gym equipment. A second in 2010, to Nimbin Health and Welfare Association (NHWA who were then auspicing NPAC) purchased a comprehensive set of gym equipment for NPAC. A third in 2010, enabled the A&I to construct a much needed amenities block with hot shower, toilet and disabled toilet with excellent close access from the Pavilion for NPAC clients.

These three grants came from the NSW State Government's Community Building Partnerships Program (CBP) success being significantly dependent a local state member's support. In this we were fortunate in having ongoing support from Mr Thomas George, so it was fitting that we invited him to officially open the amenities block and refurbished Pavilion. It was only at the opening that we learnt that it was yet another Thomas-supported CBP grant to Nimbin Preschool that enabled it to complete the access courtyard tarmac that was required by Lismore City Council before an occupation certificate could be issued. So, we had no reservations in thanking Thomas for his support for these projects. He in turn was suitably impressed by what had been achieved at the showground expressing his hope for its continuing success and his admiration for our team, thereupon cutting the ribbon across the toilet entrance with a "bloody great knife"*, to everyone's amusement. Then it was photograph time for the A&I team around Thomas beside the Loo - and we were blessed with fine weather as we dived into the sandwiches, cakes, coffee, tea and conversation after the formalities were completed.
* a large carving knife from the A&I canteen

L to R_Colin, Ed, Neville, Philip, Thomas George, Mal, Len & Bevan

SHOW TIME 2015     26 - 27 September 2015

Nimbin Show Society, PO Box 165, Nimbin 2480